Tim Joseph “Plosion” Out of the Dust Aluminuim, Bronze, Granite, Obsidian 3’ x 2’ x 2’ $40,000

Sculptor Tim Joseph began the series, Out of The Dust 25 years ago. It began as a reaction to the accumulative nature of his Colorado art production facility, combined with a desire for collecting and repurposing materials. His process begins with the assemblage of unique and stimulating parts, both found and made, that begin a conversation about the times from which they originated. Appropriated metal fragments that have endured the abuse of war and neglect take on new meaning in the context of a twenty first century culture. The industrial complex of our modern world yields endless artifacts that have aided in the progression of life and also the destruction of it. Linear compositions pull these objects out of hibernation, confidently reasserting them into a modern context. The sculptures are intended to begin a conversation with the viewer asking them to participate in a creative narrative, contributing their own ideas and experiences.